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September 13, 2017

Bromans: it's Love Island – with added togas, loin-cloths and genital casts

via The Guardian

Are you ready to watch a bunch of knuckleheads travel back to ancient Rome, strip off and generally get all Gladiator? Yes, it’s a big thumbs up from me too

Never let it be said that a good pun doesn’t get you places. New ITV2 reality show Bromans has already made headlines around the world thanks to the dumb/beautiful wordplay of its title. Now, the first episode of Bromans is upon us. Its premise is simple – some lunk-headed TOWIE-types play-act as Romans for prizes – but can it stand up to the strength of its name?

ITV2 is desperately selling Bromans as the new Love Island, though you suspect that’s only because Love Island was very popular very recently. Although the casts share some similarities – when you first meet them, roaring and gurning and kissing their own biceps, your immediate reaction is “It was nice knowing you, humanity” – the elaborate setup puts Bromans squarely in the lineage of other under-appreciated high-concept reality shows like Tool Academy, My Little Princess and Release the Hounds.

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